Corporations that want an address in Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, those considering tax savings, freelancers who think about independence and side work,
You should change to use Sea Square’s virtual office address to get more trust instead of using your home address on your business card. A convenient solution that accelerates your business startups.

This is the main point of “SeaSquare”!

Cheapest Price

Cheapest Price

Sea Square is the most reasonable virtual office which support rental fee ¥3,686 yen (exclusive of tax) monthly. Services including Business Address + Mail Correspondence!

Minato City Address


Why not use the address of “Minato city” to enhance your brand value! ? Corporate registration is possible in Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo by using our service.

20 years of experience


Our company has 20 years experience history, and we can introducing lawyers, tax accountants or others related etc.

Rental conference room


It is convenient for access at a good location directly connected to Shimbashi Station. Shimbashi Ekimae Building No. 1 9F.

Application flow


①Fill in application form & send

When submitting the application form, please return it by following ways: e-mail ( in PDF format, or by fax (03-6869-5809) or by post.



After accepting application documents, we will check the filled information. Approval will be finished in 1-2 business days. After that we will report the results .



We will issue an invoice so please transfer it to our designated account.


④Start of use

The service will start as soon as payment is confirmed.

Documents submit

For Personal Apply

■ Identification card with face photo of the person (front and back)
■ Resident’s certification (original)

Documents submitted by corporate customers

■ ID with face photo of representative (front and back)
■ Company registration certificate (original)
■ Seal certificate (company seal / original)


Sea Square is the only cheapest virtual office which support monthly rental fee ¥3686 yen (exclusive of tax). Services including Prime Business Address + mail correspondence!

Information on optional services
Type of Services Monthly fee Option contents
03 telephone number rental + telephone transfer 3,000 Registration fee: ¥1000yen for first time, Call Charges: Cell Phone ¥25yen / minute, Fixed phone ¥15yen / minute, outgoing call ¥50yen/minute
03 FAX number 2,000 Internet FAX Initial setting fee optional (one line) ¥1500yen Only the first time will be charged.
Telephone operator 2,000 Initial setting fee optional: ¥1000yen. Only the first time will be charged.
¥200yen / call
Locker (with key) 3,000
Business Hours / weekdays from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
※ First time registration fee 9,800 yen
※First time payment: this month + next month.
※ The mail will be transferred to the designated address once a week on every Monday (or next business day for public holidays).
Transfers other than Takkyubin(local express) or regular transfer date will be charged separately.
※ The indicated amount not includes tax.If there is a change in consumption tax, the amount will be changed accordingly.
※ The above services and mail transfers are not applicable to overseas residents.

Virtual Office Q & A

A. From 10am-5pm on weekdays. We will respond to visitors and guide your visitors to the conference room.

A. Minimum contract period will be one month. The monthly usage fee can not be settled on a daily basis, so even if you start the contract from the middle of the month, you will be required to pay the whole monthly usage fee. In addition, it becomes a contract for a maximum of one year, and will be renewed automatically after the contract term ends. There is no renewal fee and contract renewal procedure.

A. (Registration fee 9,800 yen + monthly basic fee 3,686 yen × 2 months )+Tax10%= 18,889yen. 【Example】 When adding 03 telephone number
(Registration fee 9,800 yen +

(Monthly base fee 3,686 yen +03 telephone number monthly basis 3,240 yen) × 2 months +

03 Telephone number initial setting fee 1,500 yen) +Tax10%= 27,139 yen

When adding options, please add each option monthly fee.

A. Yes you can. Resident registration is not possible.

A. There is no company name plate, but it is possible to register and display the company name and trade name on the touch panel reception machine installed in the shared section.

This is an extension call, and it is possible to connect to the general reception desk (in the Sea Square office) or to a mobile and fixed phone of a virtual office member.
※ When call the virtual office member from the reception touch panel, the Sea Square Shimbashi Station telephone number (03-5537-3146) will be displayed.

If there is an incoming call from Sea Square Shimbashi Station, it is from the Sea Square reception staff or Visitors or a courier services such as Yamato Transportation who used the extension line.

A. Reception time is from 10am to 5pm on weekdays only.

Please note that it can not be used during on Sat./Sun. or on other public holidays.

A. There is a conference room reservation system, you can check the availability and reserve on the WEB.

A dedicated ID / PW is required for login and reservation to the conference room reservation system. Or you might make a phone call for booking is acceptable.
※ ID / PW is notified in the “Conference room reservation manual” at the time of contract.

A. One type of conference room (for 6 people) and the one more type of conference room (for 4 people) are available.

A. The middle size of conference room (for 6 people) is 700 yen / 30 minutes, and the small size of conference room (for 4 people) is 500 yen / 30 minutes.
We will close all statements at the end of the month and will issue an invoice for coming next month.

A. There is a whiteboard in each conference room and you can use it free of charge.

Charged tea serve (110 yen / cup) and projector (1,000 yen / time).

A. No. If you want to use it for work, etc., you can reserve a conference room.

A. Will forward to the designated address collectively at the beginning of every week.
※ If Monday is a holiday, will forward the next business day

A. Possible within business hours. In this case, the customer will be able to take over or we will be sent by courier at the customer’s expense.

A. Sorry, we could not inform every coming mail. We will inform you only a registered mail or Courier arrives

A. Yes, it is possible. In that case, please make sure that you arrive the reception desk during business hours.

A. Yes, it is possible. We could add option service on the same day.

A. Usually, will take 1-2 business days to check your application. If you need to start immediately, please feel free to inform us.

A.Auto bank transfer on every 27th. Bank transfer is also possible.

A. Please make the contract in the personal name of the person in charge of the business in Japan.

For necessary documents, please prepare the person’s ID card etc. In addition, as soon as the establishment of a corporation in Japan is completed, we are requesting re-contract in the name of corporation.

A. Width: about 28 cm, depth: about 38 cm, height: about 55 cm.

※ The top is separated by something like a shelf, and about 8.5 cm from the top to the shelf.

A. Yes, all area is non smoking.

A. Yes, it’s free. Both wired and wireless are supported.

A. Yes, it’s free.

    Apply Here

    OptionalSelect Services
    RequiredStarting day

    (One year from the designated date ※ After that auto renewal)
    Optionalcompany name (service name)
    RequiredPresent Address
    RequiredRepresentative name
    OptionalContact Name
    Requiredphone number
    Optionalfax number
    RequiredEmail address
    RequiredRequired business contents (in the case of personal contract, occupation)
    OptionalApply File

    Please send documents in PDF data only (up to 2 MB for each file)
    ※ We do not accept compressed file or excel data
    Application Documents Required
    ※ Corporate: Corporate registration certificate, Seal registered Certificate, Driver's license, Business content (company profile etc.)
    ※ Personal: Resident certificate, Driver's license

    If you agree to the terms of use, check "Agree".

    Send the above content. Please confirm your entry and press the send button after confirm